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Voice over Internet Protocol, abbreviated as VoIP is the most advanced internet telephony; which, is based on technologies, methodologies, and transmission of multi sessions voice communication around the world. ‘VoIP InfoTech’, the global VoIP service providers applies varied internet protocols or techniques to ensure absolute and active interconnection between two users on different domains. Our VoIP services are also available on numerous smartphones and Internet devices. However, we also support movable devices which are not phones to make calls or transmit SMS text messages over 3G and Wi-Fi.

Facts to Know about VoIP InfoTech Services

  • Superior Technology and Security: - As business phone service providers our calling are more superior in terms of clarity, low charges, un-interrupted calls, and low call drops. Our ability to encrypt calls allows us to make your calls more secure by not allowing hackers to decode them.
  • Increased Flexibility: - Our IP phone service ensures high amount of flexibility in terms of usage by our clients. As long as one can sign into the internet account provided by us one can make calls from any place at anytime. Our system also gives you the flexibility of moving the telephony system to another location; in case your business decides to shift.
  • User friendly Software: - There is a myth that new technology requires efficient training which further, increases the operating cost. However, we as international telephone service providers guarantee that VoIP system are less complicated, easy to use, and are supported by user friendly software. These features help in simple initial level training and easy understanding of the system by your employees.
  • Multi-Featured: - Our VoIP Service in India also brings multi-featured international telephony system without charging extra. While telephone operators will charge for features like call on queue and conference call; but, we offer them free with our VoIP packages.

Our hosted VoIP service will come with numerous benefits like “personal assistance, and set the call conditions features”. Not only business houses but also for personal need we provide VoIP services; which will give uninterrupted solutions to your international calling.

Do you want an absolute power to control your telephony system with features like “call rejection, call forwarding, call return, and call waiting”!!! Just remember our VoIP services to stay ahead in the race.


Smart Choice

Smart Choice System is the most flexible and inexpensive VoIP package that ensures approaching different customers with different business possibilities. VoIP InfoTech’s motto behind launching “Smart Choice System” is to provide all the significant VoIP software under one package. We further, provide installation and complete technical support for largest set of tools to access our server at low cost. Our advanced VoIP software aimed providing varied devices and methods to call from anywhere... Read More

VoIP Soft Switch

Best SoftSwitch designed by VoIP InfoTech provides direct solution to route the calls from one network to varied networks through the prescribed path of internet protocol. This prescribed path of VOIP SoftSwitch technology route calls on integrated network circuits and packets based networks like PTSN; instead, of conventional landlines. Our VOIP SoftSwitch software meets all complex demands of telecommunication industries or network based industries with its benefits of easier, reliable, and uninterrupted calls; as, compared to an unreliable old telecommunication system... Read More

Telecom Billing

VoIP InfoTech has integrated its advanced technology Telecom Billing software to support solutions and functionality of varied VoIP business models. Our open source billing software offers customized reports, accounting, details of revenue & expenses, call history of users, etc. Our billing software is comprised of multi threaded C++ code that guarantees high performance billing engine extending supports to millions of calls. Our billing operations based on lower priority threads proceeds without affecting call quality; even, when server utilization is dominating... Read More

Call me Back

VoIP InfoTech introduced its Call Back Service with a motive to initiate multiplicity of techniques and effective use of resources in facilitating long distance calls. Our web Call me Back offers A to Z global VoIP call termination facilities at competitive pricing. Our best Call me Back service defines straightforward long distance calls on provision of varied origination techniques with service providers... Read More


VoIP InfoTech has launched IP PBX System via web-based configuration to construct the interface effortless to install and maintain. Our IP PBX Software is an advanced version of intranet that can be applied as a telephone switching system within a company for transmitting varied data irrespective of its size. Our VoIP PBX Software is designed to install multiple independent virtual VoIP servers on same box to maximize infrastructures. The setup and configuration of IP PBX Systems with our advanced VoIP packages are low in cost and provides the flexibility to add extra functionality...Read More

Mobile Dialer
Calling Card

VoIP Infotech a name that is supposed to give a world class VoIP Services has a innovative steps to bring newly based technology Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) that has been cope up with Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) which enables the services of PC to Phones, PC to PC, IP Phone to Phone and IP Device to Phone, phone to phone and calling card services and all other telecommunication without any interruption. We are here to give all the products like Phone Adapters, Soft phones, and IP phones in these premises...Read More

Sip to Phone

By all means VoIP Infotech created an enthusiastic way of handling the products and services. We are always occupied the next generation features through our competence in communications, networking, internet technologies, software development and so on. In that manner we also has the most reliable and usable techniques of SIP to Phoneon a preferred desires of our reputed clients. This SIP to Phoneservice has made the easier way to reach Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) endowing unbarred SIP to Phoneand Phone to PC services not only in our country but also to the global clients... Read More

Phone to PSTN

VoIP Infotech has always been curious to give highly developed flair of communication t. It has changed the conditions of regular ways of communications at very logical rates. Constructing a latest mean of PC to Phone or Phone to PC technologies show the way of user friendly. Moreover VoIP Infotech is also presenting the newest method of technology and that is IP Phone to Phone and IP machine to Phone... Read More

Dedicated Server

VoIP Infotech presenting a well Managed Dedicated Servers to the customers endowing you great service providers of servers. A dedicated server is considered to be solitary computer system which enables to maintain the flow of network in various connected database. For that let us take an instance that If a network needs to be attached with a particular computer system so that it could handle communications and networks between all others computers. Nevertheless it’s not necessary that all servers can be dedicated servers. It is likely for a computer system to perform as a server and other functionalities area in these premises... Read More